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George Shaw - Toilet Trailer Builders in the UK, Manufacturing for UK & Europe
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Welcome to George Shaw Manufacturing Services. We design and build bespoke mobile toilet trailers for the UK, European Markets, and beyond. 

Our units are the preferred choice of some of the biggest brands in the portable toilet-hire sector, and are renowned for their durability and low depreciation.  George Shaw's units are sure to meet or exceed your expectations for reliability, performance, and customer care that is second to none. Click on our "toilet trailers" and "gallery" links above to see our latest designs.



Based in Slaithwaite in the North of England we are
exactly central to all our clients in the United Kingdom.  

For over 20 years we have developed and refined our mobile recirculating toilet trailer designs. Our constant drive to improve our products for our clients has led the industry in customer-focused manufacturing. We're proud of our network of loyal clients stretching from Inverness to the Isle of Wight in the UK, and to the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Nigeria and South Africa. We also manufacture our own hire reserve fleet, meaning if you get double- booked we, or another member of our client hire fleet can step in to assist, to keep your clients happy and your business productive.


Wanting to Buy or Upgrade?
Call George today directly on 07825 172684, He is always on the road and will more than likley be near you sometime soon. We are happy to demonstrate our latest chassis designs and interior luxuries without any obligation.

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Pluto: Unique Events Urinal
1+1 Single Axle Toilet Trailer
3+1 Twin Axle (New Chassis)
Used & Part Ex Toilet Trailers

The All New Solar 1 + 1 Eco (click pics)

Contact George Shaw for the latest on this innovative trailer design!


October 2010

Showman Show 2010  Thanks to all who
attended the show in Newbury, UK this year! We had record interest on the stand - our biggest stand ever. And, we had over-
whelming interest in our new baby - the Solar 1+1 Eco trailers! To learn more about this industry-leading design, contact George Shaw.

(Showman Show 2010 Gallery CLICK HERE!)                             

January 2011

FUTURE PLANNING - With much talk of vacuum freshwater flushing toilets over recent years, George Shaw and his manufacturing team are now trialling new prototype toilet designs and retrofit kits for all of our current toilet trailer models. While we believe recirculating units will continue to be the hirer's choice for weddings and private functions, we may start to see the switch in the public sector over the next 10 years, with some major festivals already considering the vacuum design option. Contact George Shaw for more insight on this developing tech trend.

Mar 2011

Growing with the times. Every single trailer George Shaw and his team create is built around quality, reliability, and durability. It's a process developed through more than two decades of real-world use and experience in the field, driven by a keen desire to constantly improve their products for the end user. Look for more industry-leading designs and innovations from George Shaw and his team in 2011!

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